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Barbara Henthorne wing walks

2022-05-16T09:33:09+01:00May 16, 2022|Events, News|

Barbara Henthorne, 67, is undertaking a wing walk this week, to raise money in memory of her RAF father. On 18 May Barbara, from Windlehurst, St Helens, will spend the day with the world famous AeroSuperBatics Wing Walking display team at ...

Mark Neal’s Wings Walker

2022-05-13T09:00:39+01:00May 13, 2022|Events, News|

Mark Neal, RAF Association Vice-Chair of Council and long-time supporter of the charity, is getting his walking shoes on to raise money. On 10 June, Mark will be walking a marathon, along the canals of Birmingham and Worcestershire. Speaking of the ...

Connections for Life initiative

2022-05-12T09:00:14+01:00May 12, 2022|Crisis, News|

Fighting loneliness with friendship... Our Connections for Life initiative has continued to prove popular with both volunteers and beneficiaries alike. RAF Association Connections for Life manager Sam Squire said the charity had seen growing demand for the service over recent months. ...

Molly Williams’ miles for RAFA

2022-05-11T11:01:04+01:00May 10, 2022|Events, News|

The Williams family from Penistone, near Sheffield, love doing things together, so it seemed only right that nine-year-old Molly Williams would join her dad in his fundraising challenge for the Royal Air Forces Association. Molly Williams has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), ...

VE Day gifts

2022-04-21T10:20:28+01:00April 21, 2022|News|

If you are looking for a treat for yourself or a present for someone with a love of all things military, look no further than our range of VE Day gifts. Designed in-house and made in the UK, buying these unique ...

Royal Flying Corps

2022-04-13T08:00:08+01:00April 13, 2022|News|

At the dawn of aerial combat in WWI, the Royal Flying Corps was operating at the edge of the envelope. Many Royal Flying Corps airmen later joined the Royal Air Forces Association - and told truly hair-raising tales of how they ...

Doug Newham obituary

2022-04-11T08:00:04+01:00April 11, 2022|News|

The Royal Air Forces Association has paid tribute to Second World War Bomber Command veteran Douglas (Doug) Newham, who has died aged 100. Doug Newham’s wartime career included two tours of duty and 60 operations serving as an air observer and ...

Founders’ Day

2022-04-05T11:04:34+01:00April 5, 2022|News|

Celebrities, serving RAF personnel and Second World War veterans joined staff, volunteers and branch members from the RAF Association for Founders' Day on Friday as the charity made wellbeing calls to 5,000 veterans, widows and widowers as part of its national ...

Falklands: crash sites and caracaras

2022-03-28T10:17:13+01:00April 1, 2022|News|

Former British Navy and RAF pilot David Morgan DSC was the most successful British fighter pilot of the Falklands War, and the last to be involved in a dogfight. Here he writes about his return to the Falklands, their wildlife – ...

Stevie Joy: Riding to recover

2022-03-14T13:56:29+00:00March 14, 2022|Events, News|

There are many reasons to take part in RAFA Rides. You can do it to challenge yourself. You can do it to connect with the wider RAF community. You can do it to raise money for the cause you love. You can ...

Mother’s Day gifts that show you care

2022-03-10T09:26:28+00:00March 10, 2022|News|

This Mother's Day (Sunday 27 March, but you knew that), treat your mum, step-mum, grandma or carer to an aviation themed present. We have a great range of RAF gifts that are sure to be a big hit with the important ...

RAFA Rides training tips

2022-03-15T15:42:08+00:00March 7, 2022|Events|

We are so pleased to have the support of the RAF Cycling Association on RAFA Rides 2022. We asked these cycling professionals for their RAFA Rides training tips and ahead of the event. RAFA Rides training tips: preparing for the ride Consistency: ...