Provide help and support in times of need

Caseworker volunteers deliver welfare support to members of the RAF community. It could be to support an injured airman fighting to get back on his feet or an elderly veteran who doesn’t know where to turn.

What’s involved

This role could involve:

  • Undertaking research and signposting beneficiaries to sources of help
  • Completing a form to establish any financial support they require from the Association
  • Keeping the beneficiary updated by phone or in person
  • Working closely with the Area Welfare Officer to complete each case successfully

Volunteers in this role could benefit from:

  • Developed relationship building skills
  • Improved research skills
  • Increased awareness of the importance of team work
  • Additional skills in report writing for specific audiences (e.g. funding applications)

If you have been inspired to find out more about the role of caseworker, please call our Volunteering Team on 0800 018 2361 or email to register your interest.

“The satisfaction of the job is immense. When you go to someone and you find you are making that difference, whether it be for the person, for their family or dependants or some kind, that is the reward.”

Will Taylor – Caseworker