• Where?
    Skydive Netheravon, Wiltshire

  • When?
    Saturday 21 September 2024

  • How much?
    Minimum fundraising target – £500 + £50 registration fee

Take to the skies in a challenge that will get your adrenaline pumping! 

You are invited to Netheravon for an inspiration experience that will immerse you into the world of military skydiving. Spending time with professional RAF skydivers, you will have a special backstage pass and participate in activities to find out what it takes to become a military skydiver.

This is a must for all thrill seekers and anyone looking for a new adventure.

What can you expect from the day? 

  • Your ground briefing will teach you everything you need to know about your tandem skydive. You will learn about the equipment, how to exit the aircraft, your body position in freefall, how the parachute is steered and how to land gently and safely.
  • You will get kitted out in your jump suit and take to the skies securely attached to an experienced tandem instructor who will take charge of vital functions such as opening the parachute and landing safely!
  • You will exit the aircraft from around 13,000 feet, experiencing up to 60 seconds of freefall at 120mph, which is an amazing rush! At 5,000 feet, the instructor deploys the ram-air tandem parachute and suddenly it is silent.
  • You can choose to enjoy a gentle or thrilling flight to the ground, where you should have a soft landing in front of the viewing area – to a hero’s welcome.

On the ground we have some special behind the scenes activities to get involved with, which includes:

  • Parachute packing demo
  • Tour of the historic airfield, which dates back to 1913 as a Royal Flying Corp airfield in WW1
  • Skydive drill training, using hanging harnesses in the hangar
  • Formation skydive training with ‘creepers’ used by teams for competition and display work, including the Wings Skydive team and Red Devils who are based at Netheravon
  • RAFA will bring a professional photographic team to capture all the on the ground activity, which will be sent out to participants after the event.
  • You will also receive a skydiving certificate.

Facilities on site include free parking, Dare’s Diner Café and toilets, free Wi-Fi and a fantastic viewing area overlooking the dropzone.

Skydive photos and video packages

You can book a high definition Video and photo packages of your day, for your Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, to share your day with family and friends or as a keepsake to view for years to come. A professional freefall camera man will accompany you on the aircraft ride, jump out into freefall and capture your smiles at 120mph.

These packages are available to purchase directly from the Skydive Netheraven for around £130.
Note: a deposit of £50 is payable with the remainder to be paid on the day. We will contact you to discuss once you have registered.

Important Information

All skydiving falls under the umbrella of the British Skydiving organisation. The cost per person for the tandem jump, includes a one-day insurance package.

Who can take part?

You must:

  • Be at least 16. If you are under 18 then consent of a parent or guardian will be required.
  • This event involves a high degree of physical exertion. On the event day, you will need to be sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the event unaided. If you are in any doubt, we recommend that you seek medical advice.
  • All participants will be required to complete either a self-certification medical form or present a medical form completed by your doctor. For copies of the medical form please email [email protected]These forms will be emailed to everyone who registers. 
  • Weather conditions on the day may not be suitable for jumping. We may therefore postpone the date for safety reasons.
  • There is no upper age limit, however you will need to meet a reasonable level of health and fitness, if in doubt please email [email protected] for more information and a copy of the medical forms.
  • Be no heavier than 16 stone / 102kg.

Already planning a jump? 

If you’ve already taken the leap and started planning your own skydive, we’d love to support you. Just pop an email to [email protected] and we’ll support you every step (and jump) of the way. 

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